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Date 05-25-2018
Contract type : CDI
Region UK Wide
Location Somerset - Templecombe
Availability Immediate
Branch United Kingdom
Domain Aeronautics / Space / Defense


With over 7500 People, SII is one of the top IT & Engineering services companies in the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Canada, Poland and 12 other countries. The services we offer to our clients includes testing, software development, system integration and system maintenance. We run projects for the leading worldwide players in the Aerospace and Defence industries.


SII UK is the newest branch of the SII group, with business offices based in Stevenage, a major area for engineering especially in the Aerospace and Defence industries. Even with this great expansion we still believe people are important and this is what our #FUNgineer concept is all about. We believe our consultants are world changers and SII’s mission is to accompany its customers through digital transformation thanks to our FUNgineers. Join us and enjoy what makes being a FUNgineer.



Our successful Mechanical Design Engineering team is looking for a skilled engineering professional to carry out a mixture of activities from early stage design to stress / structural analysis and calculation, manufacture and installation as required by the business.
Working in support of other members of the team in analysing both in house and externally designed products and installations.  Carry out more specialised tasks associated with design for the subsea environment.

Key Responsibilities and Tasks:
The role may include, but not be limited to the following activities:

- To carry out mechanical design, loads calculation and analysis activities in a team environment with other engineers.
- To be able to advise authoritatively and credibly on the tasks undertaken.
- To provide support to other departments as required, including Manufacture and Customer Support.

- Essential to have experience in Mechanical Design using a 3D CAD syste
- Essential to have experience in the use of FEM and CFD software
- Essential to have a strong demonstrated experience of mechanical stress calculation using a wide range of material models including:

- Isotropic
- Orthotropic
- Anisotropic
- Metals
- Composites
- Elastomers

Desirable to be proficient in the use of Pro-Engineer.
Desirable for key areas of design undertaken, for which previous experience would be beneficial, to include:

- The design of sonar assemblies and equipment for the sub-sea environment.
- The design of deployment systems
- Design processes involving moulding of polyurethane, epoxy and other resins
- Design of composite structures.
- Design / specification of sub-sea cable assemblies.
- Carry out basic static stress and FEA analysis using Pro-E Mechanica
- Handling and installation of structures / sub-sea structures

Values & Behaviours:

- All work to be conducted in accordance with company processes.
- Able to work efficiently and autonomously.
- Collaborative and Continuous Improvement Approach
to Work.
- Ability to work within sensitive and demanding projects
with integrity


Essential to have the ability to tackle a wide range of structural problems including:

- Linear
- Non Linear
- Statics
- Dynamics
- Buckling
- Fatigue
- Contact
- Impact
- Hydrostatic Pressure Loading
- Analysis using standard methods such as hand calculations and FEA

Essential to have experience of the following Analysis Tools:

- MSC Patran
- MSC Nastran
- MSC Dytran
- Pro Mechanica

Desirable to have the ability to undertake tasks involving:

- Thermal management (use of CFD tools)
- Fluid structure Interaction
- Shock (Underwater Related)

Desirable to have experience in the use of the MSC Patran Laminate Modeller Analysis Tool.
A Chartered Engineer or equivalent is preferable but not essential.

2-5 years


MEng Mechanical Engineering

MsC Engineering Design


Somerset- Templecombe & Farnborough

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